Design & Build

From idea to reality, we do everything: From the design to taking you through the approval process and building your home.


Environmentally friendly approach

Reduce your carbon footprint and save energy at every step of building your home.


Unlimited Design Possibilities

The CITRA Building System opens up a new universe of design possibilities.

What We Do

Green Building System

CITRA is an innovative architecture and construction company that developed a superior building system. This allows for the construction of strong, more energy-efficient and beautiful structures of all types.

We offer a turnkey solution, unique designs and off-grid and water management systems for your new CITRA home.

Our goal is to change the landscape of conventional building methods through innovation and sustainability.

CITRA System can be used by individuals, architects, engineers and main contractors.

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Our Works

We create quality and modern designs

With an environmentally friendly and robust technology, CITRA emulates the forms of nature within a built environment, without compromising on quality. Transform your idea into your next house.

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Lower heating and cooling energy expenses
Reduce CO2 during construction & building life
The Difference

Innovative Building Technology

CITRA System is an approved building method that makes use of healthy materials and computerised machinery to create beautiful designs that are energy-efficient, durable, affordable, fast to build and environmentally friendly.

who we are

We work to create living environments that provide a better everyday life for present and future generations from all walks of life

Research & Development
Environmental Sustainability
Cutting Edge Design