design and construction for sustainable living


Our innovative building method allows for real flexibility in design. Elegant, robust and feasible form of architecture is the focus of our living spaces.

We find inspiration in your ideas to achieve unique results. Our designs are a built in response to each site, while maintaining an honest relationship with the environments.

Current Work

CITRA’s personal statement, showcasing the design possibilities of our building method. While most buildings make use of straight lines and squared angles, we have the advantage of easily embrace curves and other shapes. Softening the building’s impact and helping the structure to merge into the surrounding landscape.


Carefully designed homes, that can easily be extended as the family grows. Outstanding design, energy efficiency and eco living at its best.

House Mahika, Pringle Bay

This home in the calm and beautiful Western Cape coastal village of Pringle Bay, blends in harmoniously with the local fynbos and the shapes of the mountain to create a unified landscape.

Ambassador's Cottage, Pretoria

In the garden of the Swiss Ambassador, this cottage showcases the sustainability of our building method, renewable energy and thermal insulation.

Sketch Book

From the architect’s desk, a record that demonstrates the creative process and the fast production of beautiful 3D visualisation.

ForeverBlue Hotel

A new experience in hospitality, where sustainability meets guests’ satisfaction.

Community Hall

A place to bring the neighbourhood closer together, to share experiences, learning and improving community life.

Green Cottage

For living independently or to be away in the countryside.