CITRA Office

This styling working space was the first CITRA office and served as an inspiring space to work on future projects. It has a generous room height of 4.5 metres and an open-plan floor space, with stunning views of the rolling fields and Table Mountain in the distance. The building is perched on a slightly sloping field, with one end of the roof raised as if it’s trying to get a better view of Table Mountain.
With an R-Value of 5.9 and no thermal bridges other than the windows and door frames, this project takes full advantage of our technology. It needs minimal, cost-efficient maintenance and is robust, yet affordable. The roof and walls become one seamless architectural element and the smooth interior curves give a spacious feel to the 36 m2 space.

This is now our show-house in the Western Cape and it can be visited upon arrangement.


  • Type: Commercial, Office

  • Service: Architectural Design, Project Management, Construction

  • Size: 45 m2 of open-plan co-working space with a kitchen and boardroom

  • Outside area: 200 m2

  • Price: R350,000 (R7,500 per m2)
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