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Extensive experience has been gained through field and laboratory testing, in collaboration with our partners.

CITRA has developed an alternative building system, making use of cost-effective construction materials that are recyclable, with excellent insulation properties and have a low impact on the environment.


Our building system makes use of well-established building materials such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), magnesium oxide (MgO) board and fibreglass mesh.

cutting edge building technology
The exterior is coated with a synthetic material that is weather resistant. It shows none of the usual weaknesses exhibited by standard external paint, such as cracking or spalling.
The EPS & MgO boards are assembled between glass fibre mesh and reinforced plaster.
The external plaster is up to 6 mm thick. A copolymer additive makes it robust, waterproof and elastic. The internal plaster is 30 mm thick, helps to regulate humidity, and can be used for the same decorative purposes as traditional walls.
The core material is a 180 – 240 mm thick EPS 15, which has excellent thermal insulation properties and makes an extremely durable structure.
MgO is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic material, that provides strength and insulation, joining the panels together.
Solar panels can be attached without the need of an additional structure.


Less on heating and cooling expenses: our system provides excellent thermal insulation which allows for perfect indoor temperatures in winter and summer

More robust homes: the seamless design reduces the potential for structural defects, withstanding earthquakes and storms of up to 250 km/h and a fire rating of one hour.

Faster building time: CITRA simplifies construction allowing for faster building than conventional building systems and with low-skilled labour.

Less CO2 emissions: both during construction and life cycle. In addition CITRA homes can be almost completely recycled.

A beautiful design, green approach and robust structure


The system is fully compatible with all standard building elements such as windows and doors.

Solar Panels

Photovoltaic panels can be installed on the plaster without additional structural elements.

Limitless Design

CITRA houses can take any shape at no extra cost, thanks to the different CNC machines we use to cut our panels.


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