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At CITRA, we work to reduce construction time and costs while building sustainable and beautiful projects. In this section, you will learn how the CITRA system achieves this and more.

Our materials and building process are environmentally friendly and durable and create comfortable and energy-efficient environments that will make professionals and homeowners proud.

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CITRA guarantees the quality, construction program, and cost.

We take full ownership of the construction site, manage all stakeholders and compliance with all applicable legislation, to deliver a great project. Ideally, we work with the architect or the client from the early phases to ensure that the project takes full advantage of the CITRA System.

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Design, Supply & Fit

CITRA designs our part of the project – generally the external building envelope – in collaboration with the architect and the main contractor.

Afterwards, CITRA supplies and installs the system on-site and hands it over to the main contractor.

CITRA subcontractor, alternative building system, eco-friendly materials

Using the CITRA System

We provide a licence for contractors to build with the CITRA System. We also offer specialised training for architects who wants to take advantage of the CITRA freedom of design.

CITRA guarantees that the CITRA System will perform as per the SA building regulation, NHBRC, and Agrément. In addition, we give 10 years extended guarantee for the waterproofing of the roof.

CITRA System License & Training
Limitless Design
Fast Construction
Top Quality
Easy To Use

CITRA System Build Up

The Best Materials

citra alternative building system

Thermally Insulated, Durable, Recyclable


Structural Frame, Fireproof

Structural Plaster

Robust, Fireproof, Durable

Glass Fibre Mesh

Resilient, Resistant

Waterproof Top-Coat

Durable, Waterproof, Reflective

Affordable quality

The prices in the building industry are not getting lower, and when building with traditional construction materials such as wood, concrete and bricks, we either have to sacrifice costs or quality.

With CITRA alternative building materials you can lower the cost of your project.

In addition to being a more affordable and strong building system, our materials are more environmentally friendly than traditional building methods.

CITRA Panel Costing Table, affordable alternative building system

* Excluding VAT, P&G and paint.
* Including waterproofing, delivery and installation in a 100km radius around Cape Town.
* Negotiable rates available for orders over R1,000,000.

Easy and quick assembly

The core of CITRA panels is lightweight and practical to assemble, fast-tracking the construction process.
The structural plaster is mechanically applied, eliminating the delays prevalent with conventional hand application.
Erecting the external walls and the roof of a single storey residential house will only take 5 days.

Your imagination is the limit

CITRA System can take any shape at no extra cost, thanks to automated manufacturing through CNC and automated documentation through parametric design.

From a material perspective, there’s no limit to the CITRA radius of the bend. The maximum span is 3m flat and 7m if slightly curved, producing a maximum deflection of less than 1 mm.

A structural assessment is made on a case-by-case by a registered engineer using Finite Element Modelling (FEM).

Strength and durability all in one

Wall/Roof Fixing:

The CITRA System is tested and certified for heavy-duty fixation of up to 136 kg without any damage.

The CITRA System can accommodate for folding and/or stacking doors.


A CITRA System panel can take a maximum of 1.1 MPa of flexural horizontal loading and 0.47 KN of angular loading for twisting and preventing the wall failure.

Shear strength*

A CITRA System panel can take a maximum of 1.1 MPa and 0.47 KN of flexural horizontal loading and angular loading respectively for twisting and preventing wall failure.

(*) Test: ASTM D1002.

A safe system

The CITRA Building System has a 60-minute Fire Resistance Rating (FRR), similar to a plastered load-bearing 90mm hollow concrete block.

SANS 10177 – 2: FR60

  • Integrity (E): 60 minutes
  • Stability (R): 60 minutes (non-load bearing)
  • Insulation (I): 60 minutes

(*) Test: SANS 10177 – 2

One hour fire rate means:

  • Integrity during a fire, without developing large deformations and structural collapse.
  • The fire will not spread to the other side of the panel. Generally, 60 minutes is long enough for the fire to be under the firefighter’s control or to die away naturally after using up all combustible material available.
  • The temperature on the non-exposed side does not rise higher than 140° over the ambient temperature. E.g. if the air temperature on the side where no fire is burning is 20° C then the wall panel will not go higher than 160° for the first hour.

Eco-friendly alternative building method

Our core material –  Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) –  is lightweight, safe, sustainable, non-toxic, non-flammable, and fully recyclable. The EPS is composed of the organic elements of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and does not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) nor hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). 

Our EPS contains up to 20% recycled material and 100% of the offcuts from the production are recycled.

*EPS is designated by plastic resin identification code 6.

Pure energy efficiency

The CITRA System has an R-value of 2.2 m²K/W (140mm thick panel), exceeding considerably the minimum thermal performance required in SANS 10400-XA. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation performance.

As reference:

  • A cavity wall (90-50-90mm) has an R-value of 0.63 m²K/W.
  • The minimum is 1.9 m²K/W, which is required for non-masonry walls, and comply with the requirements for climate regions as per SANS 10400-XA standards.

CITRA System offers a comfortable building envelope that best regulates the internal temperature: staying cool during summer heatwaves and keeping warm throughout the winter.

Test it yourself! Follow this link

Mould and moisture resistant

All CITRA panels are resistant to the adverse effects of humidity. According to the EPS Industry Alliance, the CITRA System core material EPS does not absorb moisture, and its mechanical and insulating properties do not degrade with rain or steam.

Keeping the resonance indoors

CITRA System has an estimated sound absorption value of DnT,w=46 dB and complies with the following building types:

  • Dwellings attached and detached
  • Schools
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Large and small shops
  • Offices and day clinics
  • External walls of hotels, hospitals/clinics, hostels/dormitories

Easily skimmed, painted or tiled

CITRA System’s surface is a high quality plaster finish.  Installing and/or refurbishing light fittings, plumbing pipes or even adding or removing openings is easy and won’t leave any visible nor structural trace. It can be easily skimmed, painted or tiled over to achieve the perfect finish.

CITRA System, fitting, fixing and plumbing made easy