Going Renewable, Going Off-Grid

The term “off-the-grid” refers to living autonomously without reliance on a utility of power. This will require alternative power options, such as solar energy.

South Africa is high in the rank as a solar concentration location in the world and, at CITRA, we want to make the best use of our renewable resources. We have created different options, tailored to your needs.

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Two Solutions Based On Your Needs And The Environment


We offer two alternatives with different single and combined energy sources, between solar panels, battery systems and the grid.

These solutions will make your home more energy-efficient, reduce your impact on the environment and on your expenses.

Solar Panels And Batteries

100% Off-The-Grid

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic (PV) cells that receive the sun’s rays. These rays are converted into electricity for your home. They don’t produce electricity 24/7, so if you want to go completely off-the-grid, you will need to install batteries to store extra solar energy. This way you will be able to power your home when the sun is not shining (and when Eskom is doing its thing).

We have the following options on solar panels and batteries, which will cover your stove, geyser, air conditioning, and night light:


Solar Panels And Grid

Combined Option

When you build with the CITRA System, your home is already energy-efficient, thanks to the great thermal insulation characteristics of our building method. This means that you won’t need as much energy for heating and cooling as with a home built with conventional materials, such as brick and mortar.

Our forward-thinking architects are also conscient of the smart usage of natural light and will design your home taking advantage of it throughout the year.

For the rest you have 2 options:

Solar panels + grid


Install solar panels and use the grid as a giant backup battery that’s available whenever your panels are not producing power, like at night or on a cloudy day.

Grid + solar backup


Use the grid and implement a back-up system powered by solar energy, for when load-shedding is taking place, for example.

Are you also thinking what would be the job of a utility if we all go solar?

We also offer water recycling and re-using systems