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Get an architectural and structural design

Meet our architects, dream together. With CITRA the sky is the limit! Our houses can take any shape at no additional cost.

We will do a quantity survey and give you a building cost estimate

We will evaluate the pros and cons of your site* and talk about your budget, to get a pricing from professional contractors.
Get final drawings and 3D models of your home (with the specific features and materials: flooring, counter tops, tiles, to name a few).
*Do you still need to find a plot?
We can help you with that!
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We will manage building plan approval

CITRA will develop construction documents in accordance with the building codes and zoning ordinances having jurisdiction. These will be submitted to appropriate authorities for approval.

*if needed, we can assist with financial approval.

We will take care of construction

Once approved, we will start building and CITRA will act as your advocate during construction. Just seat back and enjoy seeing your house being build.

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